I was born in Zakopane, Poland. After graduation in Economics I came to Canada in 1967. I started working in the head office of Bata, in the International IT group and am now retired, after a 40 year career with the company. In my professional capacity, I traveled throughout the world and spent 4 years living in Paris. I speak five languages: Polish, English, Spanish, French and German. My interest in painting was re-awoken ten years ago when I started taking painting lessons at the Overland School, and lessons from Vladimir Ribatchok, the established Russian artist.

I paint only in oil and my main interest is the very challenging area of figurative painting, portraits, particularly scenes with people (sometimes many) in a street scene or engaged in some type of activity.

My paintings are owned by collectors in Canada, Poland and Peru. I also had a number of commissions for portraits.

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