I have been a painter for as long as I can remember; in fact my favourite activity in Kindergarten was painting. Since 2004 I have focused on my painting career. My fascination with both the human form and the natural environment is readily seen in my landscapes, nature studies and paintings of the human form.


Although I work mainly in oils, from my own experiences, I also work in Acrylic Mixed Media in a series of works based on old family snap shots. All my works show a fascination with colour and light. I also have a great love of music as seen in my music portraits. With an extensive background in fine arts and teaching visual arts, my works have been influenced by many artists I have come across including Lawren Harris, Maurice Cullen, Mary Pratt, John David Anderson , to name a few. 



North York Visual Artists (Past President)

North Toronto Group of Artists                       

Bayview Art Tour

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