Lines, forms and colours all together complete an image of an art piece. 

When I was a child, I would look at the clouds, create an image and then tell a story about them.  I started art school in Iran at the age of 15 and got my first job there teaching art to children in summer camp.  I went on to study interior design and, after graduating from college, worked for a kitchen design company.

After coming to Canada in 2001, I took art courses at Ryerson University where I met an excellent teacher.  Through her, I joined Studio 1181 where I learned the monoprint technique. I have enjoyed taking various workshops and art courses throughout my life and have continued to teach art periodically to adults.  While I work with different mediums, my favourite is pen and ink.



North York Visual Artists (NYVA)
Willowdale Group of Artists (WGA)

Markham Art Council